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Categories and Awards

The Graduate Exhibition features five distinct categories and two special awards showcasing Penn State graduate students’ research and creative accomplishments: 

Awards with prize money are given within each category, and Research Poster subcategory, to students whose work scores highest on judges' evaluations.

categories and awards gradaute exhibition

The Design Option focuses on the design of a product, whether that be in 3-dimensional or digital space. 

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research poster presentations
Research Poster Presentations

The Research Poster Presentation Option is open to graduate students from all disciplines to present their research in person to a general audience.

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judges graduate exhibition

The Performance Option is open to all graduate students who are pursuing graduate degrees in the performing arts.

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judges graduate exhibition

Videos should be a short presentation that captures the excitement, importance, and value of your scholarly work.

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judges graduate exhibition
Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Exhibition conveys to a wide audience the range and significance of creative research produced in the field of visual arts and its potential significance to the general public.

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Special Awards 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award 

This award is open to any graduate student in any presentation option whose research or creative endeavor is focused on issues relevant to diversity, equity, and inclusion in their field. Examples include:  

  • Focus on underserved populations or inequalities
  • Addressing issues relevant to DEI, such as race, gender, diversity, ability, sexuality, religion, nationality, citizenship status, health disparities, educational access, political engagement, economic justice, social mobility, civil and human rights, etc.
  • Contributions to understanding of DEI issues
  • Utilizing research strategies that address variations particular to diverse populations that are typically not explored in their field

Students wishing to be considered for this award will be asked to provide a statement articulating the connection of their research or creative endeavor to DEI. The DEI aspects of the project should also be integrated into the materials presented at the Graduate Research Exhibition.  Exhibitors are encouraged to review the DEI scoring rubric to make sure to address the relevant points in their presentations. 

Data Visualization Award 

The Data Visualization Award, offered by the University Libraries’ Data Learning Center, is designed to increase digital information literacy by raising awareness of the importance of data visualization and celebrating good examples. All entrants in the Research Poster Presentation category will be considered for this award.

Past Award Recipients 

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