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Graduate Student Life and Well-Being

Being a graduate student brings many personal and professional opportunities, but also challenges, from balancing course work with research or other scholarly pursuits, to building confidence in your ideas and capabilities, to the unexpected trials that happen in life. Focusing on your mental health and well-being can help you more successfully navigate past any obstacles you may face on your path toward your degree. 

As a Penn State graduate student, you have access to free wellness services that are listed below.  

Talk with a Graduate Student Wellness Specialist

Contact the Graduate School’s health and wellness specialist, Jacqueline Jones, for a personal discussion about wellness needs and resources. Schedule your wellness check-in to discuss:

  • Faculty communication tips
  • Imposter syndrome strategies
  • Resource referrals
  • Overall mental health check-ins
  • Self-care tips and techniques




Jacqueline Jones

Contact Us

Contact Us 

Jacqueline Jones 
Associate Director of Graduate Student Life and Well-Being, The Graduate School 

Schedule an appointment

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