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Information for Students


  • Must be a degree-seeking Penn State graduate student.
  • Open to graduate students from all Penn State campuses.
  • Penn State employees who are graduate students can participate but are not eligible for awards.

Exhibit Options

What Can I Present?

Graduate students can participate in the Graduate Exhibition at any stage of their time at Penn State. Honing public communication skills can benefit you throughout your career, and we strive to make the Graduate Exhibition a safe and comfortable space. Presenting in the beginning of your research can help you think about your research question in different ways. Getting feedback in the middle or toward the end allows you to practice highlighting the importance or impact of your work. 

What Will I Need to Register?

To complete your Graduate Exhibition registration, please have the information below available. Additionally, please be aware that all registrations must be approved by a faculty adviser before a student can participate in the Graduate Exhibition.

  • Your faculty adviser's Penn State account ID (eg., abc1234)
  • Abstract (250 or fewer words): a concise summary of the basic content and scope of the presentation or performance without including extensive detail.  It should include the project's objective, methodology, and findings, conclusions, or intended results.
  • Statement of Importance: a nontechnical explanation of the significance of the research, design object, artwork, or performance piece to the field.
  • If applicable, all protocol numbers for studies, including:
    • Institutional Review Board (IRB) number if the research involves human participants
    • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee number (IACUC) for studies involving vertebrate animals
    • Institutional Biosafety Committee number (IBC) for studies involving bio-hazard materials
    • University Isotopes Committee number (UIC) for studies involving radioisotopes
  • Optional: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award Statement (120 or fewer words) on how the research or scholarship addresses issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion (only for students opting in to be considered for this award)



  • January 9 - Registration opens
  • March 3 - Deadline to register and receive free poster printing   
  • March 3 - Deadline to register for performance category
  • March 10 - Deadline to register for design, visual arts, video, and poster categories
  • March 17 - Student deadline to request updates to poster session (need for table, power, etc.)

We care about students' input into how we can improve each year. Based on anonymous feedback from 2023 participants, the planning committee has made the following improvements for the 2024 Graduate Exhibition:

For all exhibition categories:

  • More specific guidance and timelines for judging
  • Announce award recipients sooner after the Exhibition

For the poster, visual arts, and design presentations:

  • Clearer communications about free poster printing deadlines
  • Short breaks toward the end of every hour
  • A seat available to every exhibitor
  • More opportunities to view other students' posters
  • More time for free light lunch before the poster, visual arts, and design session


If you have questions you can reach out to the Graduate Exhibition committee at

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