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Program Data & Metrics

  • Graduate Program Metrics
    This open access portal includes a wide variety of publicly available program metrics (application data, demographic data, time-to-degree, etc.). When the student count is low for a program on this public portal, some data will be hidden to protect the confidentiality of the student data. Those with administrative access must login to view this limited info. Individuals who need to request administrative access may contact the Dean’s office.
  • Doctoral Graduate Placement Portal
    The Doctoral Graduate Placement Portal is a data site created and maintained by the Graduate School that captures the career placement outcomes of Penn State's approximately 700 annual doctoral degree recipients. Starting with the summer 2016 graduating cohort, the portal contains career placement data on over 95 percent of Penn State's doctoral graduates. The data within the portal may be sorted by graduating cohort, student name, academic program, campus, faculty advisor, job category, position, employer, state, country, and other pertinent categories. The data are presented in both dashboard and Excel formats. Access to the Doctoral Graduate Placement Portal is password protected. Individuals who need to request access may contact the Dean’s office. There is an Instructions tab in the program with a detailed guide on entering placement data.
  • Graduate Program Management System (GPMS)
    The GPMS contains contact information for the various roles associated with each graduate program/plan and can also be used to search for graduate programs and graduate faculty members. News and other important updates from the Graduate School are distributed to the specific role-based groups in the GPMS. This system also allows the Graduate School and graduate programs to direct students to the appropriate individuals within each program. Staff members listed in the GPMS system as Primary Program Contact or Program Coordinator can update all roles in GPMS except for Program Head; see the GPMS Documentation for instructions.
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