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About The Graduate School

The Kern Building is the home of the 
Graduate School 

The Graduate School at Penn State has a rich tradition of providing access to high-quality graduate education to students all over the world. First established in 1922, the Graduate School today has become one of the largest providers of graduate education in the U.S., with more than 14,000 students enrolled in one of more than 300 degree programs. With a focus on increasing diversity, the Graduate School’s enrolled student population includes 3,500 international students and 1,500 students from underrepresented backgrounds. Each academic year, the Graduate School confers approximately 4,500 degrees, 700 of which are doctoral degrees.

Our approach to providing high-quality graduate education includes partnering with graduate programs across Penn State’s colleges and campuses, and supporting students directly with a variety of topics such as wellness, professional development, educational equity, and more.

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