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What To Expect After Applying

Your Status Page

After your application has been submitted, you have the ability to perform various tasks from your application Status Page such as: View communications from the graduate program to which you are applying; Update your references or reference contact information; Check to see if your references have been received by the Graduate School; Update your email address. It is important to provide a current email address that is checked frequently, as this is how we will communicate with you throughout the admission process; Upload additional materials if required by your intended program of study; View deadlines for official transcripts; Check to see if your official transcripts have been received by the Graduate School; See official test scores; and Accept/Decline an offer of admission from your intended program of study.


Program Review and Decision

After your application is submitted, your program of study will review application materials and make a decision.  Please refer to your program of study for specifics on timing of a decision.


Communication of Admission Offer

If the program extends an offer of admission you will receive communication from the program and an email from the Graduate School to view your status page to accept or decline the offer.  The program communication may include important information specific to your application (deadlines, provisions, assistantships, etc.). 


Required Documents Upon Acceptance

Upon acceptance, you will be instructed to have official transcripts/documents (for institutions outside the U.S. documents may include marksheets, record of courses, degree/study certificate, diploma, etc) sent from all post-secondary institutions attended and official English translation if the language of instruction is not English.  You should wait until your degree has been conferred to arrange for the official transcripts/documents to be sent.  Deadlines for the receipt of this documentation will be displayed on your status page.

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