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Graduate Faculty Teaching Award

The Graduate Faculty Teaching Award is intended to recognize faculty members for their outstanding teaching performance and advising/supervision of doctoral or terminal degree students.  

The program is open to all University faculty members who have been tenured members at the rank of associate or full professor who have been a member of the graduate faculty for a minimum of seven years; who have demonstrated excellence in the advising/supervision of doctoral students with respect to their dissertation research, or of terminal degree students (e.g. M.F.A.) with respect to their scholarly/creative culminating project; demonstrate outstanding teaching performance with respect to didactic (400-, 500-, and 800-level) courses;  and who have not yet received the University's highest accolade for teaching and scholarship (i.e., Evan Pugh Professorship, Distinguished Professorship, or Eisenhower or Lindback Awards); and not be a prior recipient of the Graduate Faculty Teaching Award.

Nominations for the upcoming academic year will open in the August time frame.

Nominations may be submitted by graduate students, faculty, and staff.   Please contact your college graduate education office for important information, attachments and nomination link contained in email announcement. 

2023-24 Graduate Faculty Teaching Award Recipient

Previous Graduate Faculty Teaching Award Recipients

For more information please contact the Office of Graduate Fellowships and Awards Administration.



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