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Information for Students

Advance your career training with Accelerate to Industry.

The Accelerate to Industry (A2i) program helps Penn State graduate students and postdoctoral researchers obtain the workforce skills, knowledge, and experience they need to be successful in dynamic careers beyond the academy. In A2i, we use the term “industry” as an umbrella term encompassing business, government, and nonprofit companies and agencies.

A2i participants will develop the business, leadership, and communication skills that companies seek and have the opportunity to interact with industry professional from a range of industry, government, and nonprofit entities locally, regionally, and nationally to build professional networks and explore exciting job opportunities

Why A2i?

  • A2i bridges the gap between academic training and the professional skills that will help you launch your career
  • A2i prepares Penn State graduate students and postdocs for the wide range of available careers beyond the academy
  • A2i helps connect our graduate students with applied internship and research experiences leading to industry jobs

"We think employers hire us, yet rarely consider that we also 'hire' an employer.  We must know, at least in general, how our career might unfold over perhaps ten years with a given employer to make a satisfying choice of our first job after receiving our graduate degree. There are questions we need to ask. We need to know which questions matter.  A2I will strengthen your questions for prospective employers.  A2I will also strengthen your discovery of the employers who can meet or even exceed your career building wishes." 

-Ken Graham, Global Head of Leadership Development, Royal Dutch Shell (Retired), recipient of two graduate degrees from Penn State

Upcoming A2i Modules and Events

View our upcoming events webpage to learn more about A2i events in 2023. 

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