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Variable Rate Assistantship

Appointment of graduate students to half-time assistantships at stipend grades 9, 10, 11, and 27 or to quarter– or three-quarter-time assistantships at any grade (9-27) is intended for special circumstances where it becomes necessary to provide stipend rates outside the required half-time grades of 12 through 26.  The half-time grades 12-26 should accommodate the vast majority of appointments.  Special circumstances may include external fellowship supplements that require less than typical levels of institutional support; extreme market competitiveness within a disciplinary field; the requirement by an outside sponsor to provide a specified institutional match that exceeds the highest stipend level; or other comparable extenuating situations that necessitate rates outside the established range.  Approval for all such offers should be obtained prior to conveying assistantship support to prospective or continuing students.

The following form is available in Adobe PDF and accessible Microsoft Word (DOC) format. The Word document is designed to be used specifically with screen reader technology. Please use the PDF version of this form unless you require the use of screen reader technology. You may need to download a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin to view the PDF file online.

Variable Rate Assistantship Request Form (PDF) | (DOC)

For further details, please consult the Table of Stipends for Graduate Assistants (restricted access) or contact our office.

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