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To state the administrative requirements for graduation.


Academic Goal

To specify required actions by students to be considered for graduation.



All graduate students.

Policy Statement

  1. Students who plan to graduate at the end of the current semester/session are responsible for filing an intent to graduate.
  2. Students who have been removed from the graduation list will need to file an intent to graduate again for the subsequent semester in which they plan to graduate.
  3. Only those transfer credits that have been accepted by the Graduate School and entered on the student’s transcript before the graduation deadline will be considered in evaluating a student for graduation at the end of that particular semester or summer session.
  4. Even though the student’s name may appear in the commencement program, no degrees are conferred until final grade reports have been received and all requirements fulfilled.
  5. A student’s transcript or diploma, or both, may be withheld until any outstanding financial obligations to the University have been paid.


A student must initiate an intent to graduate via the student information system during the designated period for that semester. Any changes to a student’s graduation status after this time period must be made by contacting Graduate Enrollment Services.

A preliminary graduation list is prepared and reviewed by Graduate Enrollment Services soon after the deadline for each semester or summer session. Accepted theses, master’s papers, and project reports are noted as may be relevant. The records of candidates who appear to have met requirements are forwarded to major and minor department heads or program chairs for review and recommendation. The final list of approved candidates appears in the fall, spring, or summer commencement program.


P1 - Posthumous Degree Conferral (Graduate)

Revision History

Adapted from Graduate Bulletin: June 2018

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