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O-5 Posthumous Conferral of Degrees


  1. The graduate program head and student’s primary adviser prepare petition for posthumous degree.
  2. Petition should include detailed statement regarding how the student has substantially completed:
    1. Coursework (type and total number of credits required for the degree); and
    2. The required culminating experience for the graduate degree.
  3. Petition is submitted to the college Dean.
  4. The college Dean reviews the program petition and sends letter of support with any background material to the Director of Graduate Student Services.
  5. Graduate Enrollment Services will compile the following:
    1. Academic standing assessment (GPA, total credits earned, and milestones obtained)
    2. Degree requirements
    3. Gap analysis, if any (deferred grades, incomplete milestones, etc.)
  6. The graduate program obtains written support of the petition from the student’s family.
  7. If the family is supportive, the Director of Graduate Student Services will present request and Graduate Enrollment assessment and gap analysis to the Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School with all supporting material.
  8. The Vice Provost will review and recommend to President, when appropriate.
  9. If approved, the President will notify the Vice Provost of Graduate Education.
  10. The Vice Provost of Graduate Education via the Director of Graduate Student Services will notify the Registrar’s Office.

NOTE: Posthumous degree conferrals appear on transcript.

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