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Electronic Approval for Thesis and Dissertation Submission

All thesis and dissertation submissions will be digitally approved by their committee members via the eTD application.  This allows committee members the ability to review the previously vetted document and give their approval electronically.  All requested changes by the committee following the final defense should be communicated to the student and completed before the final document is uploaded to the eTD site.  (Changes that are requested to the document after submission to the eTD require the review and approval of each committee member and the Graduate School every time a change is made.)

Following the approval of the thesis/dissertation by the Office of Theses and Dissertations, each committee member will receive an email directing them to the ETDA link (Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Application).  Upon login a list of the submission(s) that require attention can be viewed.

Following the approval of the committee members, the chair/head of the program will receive an email requesting their approval. 

There will be a hard deadline each semester for the electronic approval process to be completed.  If that deadline is not met, the student will graduate the following semester.


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