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GCAC-603 Ph.D. Committee Responsibilities - Research Doctorate


Do all committee members and the student need to physically sign the written assessment?

The purpose of having all members approve the summary is to ensure that the views of all committee members are represented. This can be indicated by a physical signature, an electronic signature, or the attachment of an email from the participant stating approval of the assessment.

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Do we have to use the sample assessment form provided?

The sample form is intended to demonstrate that the written assessments need not be onerous. The sample form can be used or adapted by programs as needed. Programs that are already using similar or more elaborate forms can continue to use those.

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What will be done with the written assessments?

The Graduate School does not require central submission of these assessments. These are intended to be kept at the program level, where they appropriately belong. The intention of requiring them to be submitted to the program is to ensure that both the committee members and the student have access to the summary record throughout the student’s program, as it is possible that the Ph.D. committee membership could change.

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