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To define additional requirements for assistantships and employment for international students.

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Academic Goal

To define additional assistantship and employment requirements specifically for international graduate students (students holding F1 or J1 visas).

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All international graduate students.

Policy Statement

For international students, policies for assistantships or employment are the same as for domestic students (see GSAD-901), with the following distinctions:

  1. I-9 and W-4 forms must be processed through Penn State’s International Student and Scholar Advising (ISSA).
  2. Vacation period employment may be up to forty hours per week.
  3. Because Department of Homeland Security regulations on employment are subject to change, all off-campus employment for international students must be cleared through ISSA.

Further Information

GSAD-501 Credit Loads and Academic Status for Graduate Assistants

Revision History

  • March 25, 2022 - Editorial change to correct reference to GSAD-901 and update name of ISSA.
  • Updated: 4/15/2012
  • Adapted from Graduate Bulletin: June 2018