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Scholarly and Professional Goals for All Graduate Degree Students



to describe the fundamental standards for all graduate degree students at Penn State.


Academic Goal

to provide a framework to assist each graduate degree program in creating program-specific learning objectives and goals for their students.



all graduate degree programs and graduate degree students.

Policy Statement

The goals for all graduate degree students enrolled in the Graduate School at Penn State are to:

  1. Demonstrate appropriate breadth and depth of disciplinary knowledge, and comprehension of the major issues of their discipline;
  2. Use disciplinary methods and techniques to apply knowledge, and – if appropriate to the degree – create new knowledge or achieve advanced creative accomplishment.
  3. Communicate the major issues of their discipline effectively;
  4. Demonstrate analytical and critical thinking within their discipline, and, where appropriate, across disciplines; and
  5. Know and conduct themselves in accordance with the highest ethical standards, values, and, where these are defined, the best practices of their discipline.

Revision History

  • Approved by Graduate Council, April 13, 2016.
    • New policy.
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