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Commencement Regalia Information

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! 

Graduating students can review the below information to learn more about academic dress, military recognition, and the process of ordering regalia for their upcoming commencement. 

Academic Regalia

Academic regalia, or the dress uniform of one of the U.S. Armed Forces, is required to participate in the commencement ceremony. Advanced degree candidates wear the tassel of the cap on the left front edge. Doctoral candidates should carry their hoods over their left arms during the processional; master’s candidates should wear the hoods over their shoulders (velvet toward chin).

Ordering Regalia

Master's students: Master's package includes, gown, hood, cap & tassel. If placing your order online you will receive an email requesting your height, weight, and degree. After you provide this information, the order will be processed. 

You can purchase regalia or view or compare all regalia options.

Doctoral students: The doctoral package includes a custom-made gown, tam & hood. Renting is an option, as well as purchasing your regalia package. You may also view or compare regalia options

The deadline to order regalia for spring commencement is March 15. 

Once you have a placed your order online, you will receive an email with either purchase or rental forms that need to be filled out and emailed to Once the forms are received, your order will be placed with Jostens. There is a 5-week lead time for Doctoral packages for both purchase and rentals. If you are renting, the regalia is due back to the bookstore within two weeks following  commencement. Please make sure all packages are labeled with your name to guarantee proper tracking. If you need assistance, please contact the Penn State Bookstore at 814-865-9147.

Military Recognition

All graduating students who are military veterans, currently serving on active duty, in the reserve, or National Guard, or who will be granted a commission obtained through Penn State Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) are eligible to receive a red, white, and blue cord to wear with approved academic dress at commencement ceremonies. Those personnel who have already been granted priority registration status are automatically eligible for an honor cord and may visit or contact (814-863-0465) the Office of Veteran's Programs at 325 Boucke Building during normal business hours to receive it. ROTC personnel may pick up their honor cord from their representative/office. Those personnel who have not been granted priority registration, please visit this website for instructions on required proof of service and where to submit the required documentation.

Students receiving commissions in the armed forces will stand with their classmates when the academic degree is conferred, and when receiving acknowledgment as a group.

Please note - Military cords received through the University is University recognized commencement attire. Additional ornamentation is not permitted.

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