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Committee on Programs and Courses


The Committee shall consist of at least nine members.


The Committee duties are as follows:

  1. Suggest policy related to programs and courses.
  2. Undertake, as appropriate, review of existing graduate programs.
  3. Review all new graduate program proposals that have been submitted for degree consideration.
  4. Review all requests for extended degree programs submitted through the established protocols of the University.
  5. Review and comment, in consultation with the Dean of the Graduate School, on other issues that have impact on the quality of graduate education.
  6. Be responsible for and authorized to select standing Subcommittees:
    1. Program and course review and evaluation

      Size and Duties of Standing Subcommittee: Twelve members responsible for review of quality indicators of existing graduate programs, recommendations to the Dean of the Graduate School on those, and other activities authorized by the Programs and Courses Committee related to graduate program review and evaluation.

    2. Review of new and revised program and course proposals

      Size and Duties of Standing Subcommittee: One representative from each academic college and school (Penn State Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies and School of International Affairs) of the University that offers graduate programs responsible for evaluation and review of new and revised program and course proposals and for recommendations on those to the Committee on Programs and Courses

2017-2018 Membership

  • Amy Allen Liberal Arts Research Professor of Philosophy and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, College of the Liberal Arts
  • Steven Branstetter, Associate Professor of Biobehavioral Health, College of Health and Human Development
  • Hobart Cleveland, Associate Professor of Health and Human Development, College of Health and Human Development
  • Andrew Cole, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, College of Arts and Architecture
  • Kathleen Heid, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics Education, College of Education, Chair
  • August Jenkins, Graduate Student in Human Development and Family Studies
  • Alexander Klippel, Professor of Geography, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
  • Charles Kupfuer, Associate Professor of American Studies, Penn State Harrisburg
  • Timothy McNellis, Associate Professor of Plant Pathology, College of Agricultural Sciences
  • Scott Metzger, Associate Professor of Education, College of Education
  • Michael Micci, Professor of Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering
  • Richard Mistrick, Associate Professor of Architectural Engineering, College of Engineering
  • John Nousek, Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Eberly College of Science
  • Kwadwo Osseo-Asare, Distinguished Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
  • Guanghua (Robin) Qiu, Professor of Information Sciences, Penn State Great Valley
  • Coodivalli Shashikant, Associate Professor of Molecular and Developmental Biology, College of Agricultural Sciences
  • Shelley Stoffels, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering

  • Regina Vasilatos-Younken, Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Dean of the Graduate School, Ex Officio
  • Michael Verderame, Senior Associate Dean of the Graduate School, Ex Officio
  • William Clark, Associate Dean
  • Lori Anne Hawn, Director of Graduate Student Services, Ex Officio
  • Vicki Hewitt, Director of Graduate Council Administration, Ex Officio
  • Karla Schmit, Interim Head, Education and Behavioral Sciences Library; Director, Pennsylvania Center for the Book


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