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Career Pivot Launches Alumnus to Rarefied Heights of Professional Acclaim
Alumni Spotlight - Jay Kovacs

For more than a decade, Jay Kovacs, an alumnus of the Graduate School at Penn State, has managed and collaborated with engineers and scientists on the development of earth-observing spacecraft, deep space missions to investigate scientific theories about the universe...

Graduate Students Seek Solutions to Complex Challenges Through Novel Research
Graduate Students Seek Solutions to Complex Challenges Through Novel Research

What if you could predict when a civil war would break out in a country? Or, what if there was a way to reverse the nerve damage associated with traumatic brain injury? Two graduate students at Penn State are doing extraordinary research to solve these problems that impact our global society. 

The Graduate School in the News
February 27, 2017
Distributed energy and grid modernization certificate launches in Philadelphia
Professionals in the renewable energy field or the electric utility sector can now enroll in Penn State’s graduate certificate in distributed energy and grid modernization. Courses are offered in Philadelphia, Malvern, and online.
February 22, 2017
Electrical engineers create tiny but powerful medical devices
Battery-operated medical devices implanted in human bodies have saved countless lives. A common implant, the cardioverter defibrillator, sends a jolt of electricity to the heart when needed, preventing a heart attack or heart failure. While patients’ lives are improved by this technology, if the device causes an infection or the battery needs to be replaced, more invasive procedures are necessary. Mehdi Kiani is seeking a better solution.
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