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Leave of Absence - FAQs
Extended Absence with Course Drops Form
P2 - Extended Absence with Course Drops - Procedure
GSAD-906 Graduate Student Leave of Absence

This policy defines the conditions under which graduate students may request a Short-Term Absence, Extended Absence, or Leave of Absence from their program of study, and the process for resuming their studies.

P1 - Leave of Absence (Full Semester or Longer) - Procedure
GSAD-901 Graduate Assistants (formerly PR06)

The purpose of this policy is to provide the definition of and policies for appointing Graduate Assistants.

Management of Graduate Assistantships, Fellowships, and Traineeships for Graduate Students with an Approved Leave of Absence

The purpose of these guidelines is to address the management of graduate appointments (graduate assistantships, traineeships and fellowships) for graduate students who have been approved for a formal leave of absence (see Policy GSAD-906 Graduate Student Leave of Absence).

GSAD-903 Assistantships and Employment for International Students
GSAD-905 Summer Graduate Lecturer/Researcher (formerly PR17)

To establish Summer Graduate Assistant appointments for graduate students who will be teaching or undertaking research. Graduate students teaching or undertaking research who are eligible to have tuition for summer courses paid by the Summer Tuition Assistance Program (STAP) may also be appointed as a Summer Graduate Assistant. The title for these positions is “Summer Graduate Lecturer/Researcher.”

GSAD-920 Graduate Student Policy for International Travel

To define the requirements for graduate students traveling internationally in keeping with University Travel Policy TR01 International Travel Requirements.

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