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Professional Master's Excellence Award

The Professional Master’s Excellence Award recognizes individual student excellence in a professional master's degree program under the Graduate School, in any discipline, based upon the student’s academic record in the graduate program and the quality and impact of the student’s culminating experience, including creative works, performance, and projects conducted in a professional setting.  Pending receipt of qualified nominations, four $2,500 awards will be available each year for students in resident and online professional master’s degree programs.

To be eligible, nominees must be enrolled in a professional master’s degree program under the Graduate School; be in good academic standing, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5; be in their final year of graduate work, with the majority of required course work completed; and have completed substantial progress on an individual culminating experience required for their degree.  A student enrolled in a doctoral program (concurrently or in a program in which the master’s is completed along the way) is not eligible for consideration.  University employees receiving educational privileges are not eligible for this University scholarship/award in accordance with Penn State policies HR36 and HR38.

For more information please contact the Office of Graduate Fellowships and Awards Administration.

View the full list of Professional Master’s Excellence Award recipients

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