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Dissertation - Research Doctorate - Procedure

Procedure for Research Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.) Requirements Policy GCAC-607


GCAC-607 Dissertation - Research Doctorate


  1. Both the chair and the student are responsible for providing a copy of the final draft of the dissertation to the committee at least two weeks prior to the scheduled date of the final oral examination. The chair should schedule a date for the examination with the Office of Graduate Enrollment Services at least two weeks prior to the examination.
  2. Both the chair and the student are responsible for ensuring the completion of a final draft of the dissertation, and for adequate consultation with members of the doctoral dissertation committee, well in advance of the final oral examination. Major revisions of the dissertation should be completed before this examination. The dissertation should be complete and in its "final" form, with correct and polished content and style, appropriate notes, bibliography, tables, etc., at the time it is distributed to the committee members. If committee members find that the draft submitted to them is not in this form, the chair is notified and postponement of the examination is considered.
  3. If a committee member finds that the "final" draft is not correct and polished with respect to content and style, it is his/her responsibility to notify the committee chair (or adviser) at least one week in advance of the final oral examination date. The committee member should indicate his/her concerns regarding the draft and recommend consideration of postponement of the examination to the committee chair (or adviser). The committee chair (or adviser), in consultation with committee members, is responsible for notifying the student and assessing whether the student can make the necessary revisions to the "final" draft before the examination date. If it is determined that revisions cannot be made in time, the examination should be postponed. If differences exist among committee members, the head of the graduate program should be consulted to hear the expressed concerns and determine whether the examination should be postponed.

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