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Assessment Policies

GCAC-403 Corrected Grades

Purpose: to define circumstances under which graduate students’ grades may be corrected.

Academic Goal: to ensure the integrity grades recorded on the student’s transcript.

Scope: all graduate programs.



Head of a Graduate Program: Member of the Graduate Faculty with ultimate responsibility and academic authority for a graduate degree program. For departmental graduate programs, this may be the Department Head; for Intercollege Graduate Degree Programs it is a faculty Chair. In all cases, the Head must be a tenure-line member of the Graduate Faculty.

Quality Grade: Any grade (A, B, C, D or F) which is used to distinguish the quality of a student’s scholarly achievement (see GCAC-401 Grading System).

Policy Statement

  1. There are only three circumstances under which a course grade, once assigned, can be changed:
    1. if there was a calculation or recording error on the instructor’s part in the original grade assignment;
    2. if it is a course for which an R grade has been approved and in which an initial R can be assigned and changed later to a quality grade (see GCAC-401 Grading System);
    3. if a DF was assigned and the deadline for course completion has not yet passed (see GCAC-401 Grading System).
  2. A corrected grade may be submitted by the instructor for a course taken in the previous semester to correct a mistake made in calculating or recording a grade for a particular graduate student.
    1. Each graduate student is responsible for checking his/her semester grade report for accuracy immediately upon receipt, and for informing the instructor for any course in which the graduate student suspects that an error has been made in grading.
    2. Each instructor is responsible for checking the semester grade list in the student information system after grades have been recorded for a given semester.
  3. If an error in calculating or recording a grade is brought to an instructor's attention, and the instructor agrees that an error has been made, the instructor may use the student information system to change the grade up to 12 weeks after the end of the semester in which the course was taken.
  4. No grade change can be made directly via the student information system more than 12 weeks after the end of the semester in which the course was taken. After this time, an exception, including academic justification for the requested change and for the timing of the change (i.e., after the allowable grade change period has expired), must be requested and approved through Graduate Enrollment Services.
  5. When a course instructor is no longer available to resolve an error in calculating or recording a grade, the graduate program head is authorized to take the necessary action.

Revision History

Revised by Graduate Council, April 2011
Revised by Graduate Council, March 2014
Adapted from Graduate Bulletin, June 2018

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