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Graduate Veterans Scholarship

The Graduate Veterans Scholarship shall be given to full-time students exhibiting outstanding academic excellence, or promising applicants who have been admitted to a degree program under the Graduate School, and who are United States military students. Applicants' materials will be evaluated by a review committee and the applicants who best fit the intention for the award will be selected. Multiple scholarship awards of a minimum of $3,000 each will be made from the pool of eligible students for fall 2021-spring 2022.

United States military students shall be inclusive of veterans, active duty, reservists, or National Guard from all of the United States military services.

From the identified pool of eligible recipients, and to the extent possible, first preference shall be given to students who are U.S. Military combat veterans.

Apply for the Graduate Veterans Scholarship chevron_right (deadline 9/30/21)

For more information, please email

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