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Thomas and June Beaver Fund

The purpose of this fund shall be to provide recognition and financial assistance to outstanding graduate students enrolled at Penn State who are performing industrially-sponsored research. Consideration for grants and awards from this fund shall be given to all full-time graduate students who are performing industrially-sponsored research in connection with the Ben Franklin Partnership Fund Program, and who have achieved superior academic records. If there are no Ben Franklin projects available, monies will be used to assist graduate students performing other industrially-sponsored research. University employees receiving educational privileges are not eligible for this University scholarship/award in accordance with Penn State policies HR36 and HR38.

Applications/nominations for the upcoming academic year will open in the August time frame.

Students may apply directly or faculty/staff may nominate a student.  Please contact your college graduate education office for important information, attachments and nomination link contained in email announcement. 

For more information please contact the Office of Graduate Fellowships and Awards Administration.

View the full list of Beaver Award recipients.


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