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Graduate School Alumni Society Board of Directors Committees

Awards Committee

The GSAS Awards Committee plans the Graduate School Alumni Society (GSAS) Alumni Awards Program which recognizes outstanding Penn State graduate alumni for outstanding early career accomplishments, lifetime professional achievement and service to humanity.

Committee Members 2023-24:

  • Jeff Middleton, Chair
  • Merilee Anderson
  • Jim Caltagirone
  • Paige Castellanos
  • Harriet Huell Lampkin
  • Amy Thul
  • Alex Zhao

Alumni Outreach and Engagement Committee

The GSAS Alumni Outreach and Engagement Committee strives to engage more alumni with the Graduate School Alumni Society through fellowship and networking events and other programming. Activities include planning the annual Graduate School Alumni Tailgate, networking events, and providing messages for alumni communications.

Committee Members 2023-24:

  • Kim Fenstermacher, Chair
  • Jonathan U. Dougherty
  • Kathy Hume
  • David Kiser
  • Jay Kovacs
  • Joslenne Peña

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee plans programs and events to boost the professional and career development of all graduate students at Penn State.

The committee features alumni at programs throughout the year to highlight careers in industry, academia, government, and non-academic sectors.

The annual Career Explorations Workshop provides graduate students with insights into diverse career paths and the opportunity to build their professional network with alumni.  The committee also supports the annual Accelerate to Industry Immersion Week that provides an intensive week of programming for students seeking non-academic careers.

Committee Members 2023-24:

  • Hannah Furnas, Chair
  • Bimal Balakrishnan
  • Ken Graham
  • Sharon Melzer
  • Matt Krott
  • Cathy Rusinko
  • Larry Mylin

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of the board officers and chairs of the committees. The Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of the Board’s strategic plan.

Executive Committee Members 2023-24:

  • Kathy Hume (President)
  • Bimal Balakrishnan (President-Elect)
  • Jay Kovacs (Immediate Past-President)
  • Hannah Furnas (Chair, Professional Development)
  • Kim Fenstermacher (Chair, Alumni Outreach and Engagement)
  • Jeff Middleton (Chair, Awards)

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for ensuring the future leadership of the alumni society, establishing priorities for membership, and verifying that nominations adhere to recruitment criteria established by the society.

Nominating Committee Members 2023-24:

  • Jay Kovacs (Chair, Immediate Past-President)
  • Kathy Hume (President)
  • Bimal Balakrishnan (President-Elect)
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