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Graduate School Alumni Society Board of Directors Committees

Awards Committee

The purpose of the Awards Committee is to plan and implement the Graduate School Alumni Society’s (GSAS) alumni recognition program. The goal of the program is to annually recognize outstanding Penn State graduate alumni for professional achievement and to establish more concrete connections between these alumni and the University.

Awards Committee Members

  • Stephen Korzeniowski (Chair)
  • Merilee Anderson
  • Connie Baggett
  • Amit Bandyopadhyay
  • Paige Castellanos
  • Jeffrey Middleton

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for working with the Graduate School to improve overall communication between the GSAS and the larger Penn State community. The committee seeks ways to increase membership of graduate alumni in the Alumni Association while developing strategies to facilitate effective ongoing communication between the various academic units and the graduate alumni base. The Communications Committee also works to increase participation in GSAS events through formal and informal communication with academic departments and graduate degree programs.

Communications Committee Members

  • Kathleen Hume (Chair)
  • James Caltagirone
  • David Kiser
  • Jon Lozano
  • Cynthia Mable
  • Tyler McCandless
  • Peggy Shipley
  • Sarah Worley
  • Alex Zhao

Global Outreach Committee

The mission of the Global Outreach Committee is to connect international Penn State graduate students with the larger Penn State community throughout their years of enrollment and after graduation. The committee engages international Penn State graduate students through group/panel discussions, student forums and formal presentations. These interactions establish open lines of communication, enhance the student experience, and foster a sense of community among our graduate alumni.

Global Outreach Committee Members

  • Jay Kovacs (Chair)
  • Bimal Balakrishnan (Co-chair)
  • Lynne Casper
  • Terry Torres Cruz
  • Michael DiRaimo
  • Kayla Hales
  • Larry Mylin
  • Cathy Rusinko

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee plans and executes events that provide enhanced opportunities for alumni to interact with and serve as role models for current Penn State graduate students. The committee partners with the Global Outreach Committee and the Graduate School to facilitate and enhance the transition our graduate students experience upon graduation. 

Penn State’s Graduate School and the GSAS have developed the Career Exploration Workshop to offer to graduate students insights into career opportunities through presentations by alumni who have traversed the paths our graduate students are walking today.

Professional Development Committee Members

  • Susan Schall (Chair)
  • Jorge Trevino (Co-chair)
  • Paula Bach
  • Evan Davis
  • Matt Krott
  • Michael Magagna
  • Sharon Meltzer
  • Iman Said
  • Amy Thul

Executive Board and Nominating Committee

The Executive Board includes the officers and committee chairs, and is responsible for the development and implementation of the GSAS’s strategic plan. The Nominating Committee is responsible for ensuring the future leadership of the organization, establishing priorities for board composition, and verifying that nominations to the Board adhere to the recruitment standards and selection criteria established by the organization.

Executive Board Members

  • Cynthia Mable (Chair)
  • Kathleen Hume
  • Stephen Korzeniowski
  • Jay Kovacs
  • Susan Schall

Nominating Committee

  • Cynthia Mable (Chair)
  • Kayla Hales
  • Stephen Korzeniowski
  • Jay Kovacs
  • Peggy Shipley
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