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Wall of Honor Ceremony

Wall of Honor Ceremony

Penn State doctoral alumni celebrating the 10th, 25th, and 50th anniversary of receiving their doctorate returned to University Park for the Graduate School’s annual Doctoral Alumni Recognition Luncheon in Kern Graduate Building on March 23. The 31 honorees included 10 doctoral alumni observing their 10-year anniversary, four commemorating their 25-year anniversary, and 17 who merited special distinction by joining nearly 4,000 doctoral alumni who have been recognized over the years as 50th anniversary celebrants.

Speakers at the ceremony included Joseph Kovacs III, president-elect, Graduate School Alumni Society; Steven B. Wagman, president, Penn State Alumni Association; and Regina Vasilatos-Younken, vice provost for graduate education and dean of the Graduate School.

The achievements of Graduate School alumni are sources of inspiration and pride for current graduate scholars and the entire Penn State community. Their successes are an enduring testament to the powerful role graduate education plays in preparing individuals who have contributed many of the innovations and discoveries that have fueled the nation’s economic, cultural, and civic success for decades.

The doctoral alumni honored at the recognition luncheon were:

10th-Year Anniversary

  • Paula M. Bach, Ph.D., Information Sciences and Technology
  • Christy A. Clapper, Ph.D., Educational Leadership
  • Trina Hess, D.Ed., Adult Education
  • Douglas J. Kern, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering
  • Roni D. Levi, Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering
  • Dawn C. Lorenz, Ph.D., Counselor Education
  • Michele A. Mont, D.Ed., Adult Education
  • Pushkar D. Patankar, Ph.D., Computer Science and Engineering
  • Stephanie Danette Preston, Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction
  • Thomas C. Timmes, Ph.D., Environmental Engineering

25th-Year Anniversary

  • MeeCee Baker, Ph.D., Agricultural Education
  • Deborah Cusatis, Ph.D., Nutrition
  • Jianming Fu, Ph.D., Physics
  • Donna H. Korzick, Ph.D., Physiology

50th-Year Anniversary

  • Carl F. Blackman, Jr., Ph.D., Biophysics
  • Elizabeth Williams Brabble, D.Ed., Home Economics Education
  • Charles A. Cable, Ph.D., Mathematics
  • Charles W. Coale, Jr., Ph.D., Agricultural Economics
  • Kenneth O. Fladmark, Ph.D., Marketing
  • Stephen I. Gendler, Ph.D., Mathematics
  • Wilbur J. Hildebrand, D.Ed., Mathematics
  • Hillard R. Hoffman, D.Ed., Higher Education
  • Peter C. Kratcoski, Ph.D., Sociology
  • J. Kenneth Kreider, Ph.D., History
  • Owen Lugar, D.Ed., Counselor Education
  • Antonio F. Pensa, Ph.D., Electrical Engineering
  • Oded Rudawsky, Ph.D., Mineral Economics
  • Robert Sefton Smith, Ph.D., Mathematics
  • William H. Snyder, Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering
  • Richard W. Tenney, Ph.D., Agricultural Education
  • Thomas A. Walkiewicz, Ph.D., Physics

Next year’s Graduate School Alumni Society Doctoral Alumni Recognition Weekend will be held on March 27-29, 2020. More information is available at

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