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Admission - Professional Master's



To set admission requirements for professional master’s degree programs.


Academic Goal

To ensure that all students pursuing a professional master’s degree have adequate undergraduate preparation in order to complete their intended graduate studies.



All professional master’s degree programs.

In addition to the general Graduate Council requirements for admission, specific programs may require additional preparation for those who wish to successfully pursue a professional graduate degree.

Policy Statement

  1. Applicants to professional master’s degree programs must meet the Graduate Council’s basic admission requirements (see GCAC-301 Qualifications for Admission).
  2. The graduate program can determine specific undergraduate preparation required, including specific courses and the total number of undergraduate credits required, as approved through the Graduate Council curricular review process.
  3. An applicant who does not meet specific program requirements for admission may, at the discretion of the program, be provisionally admitted to the Graduate School and be allowed to make up the undergraduate deficiencies (see GCAC-303 Provisional Admission).
    1. Graduate programs can determine whether courses taken to meet program admission prerequisite requirements will count towards degree requirements provided they are eligible to do so (see GCAC-203 Graduate Course Designations).

Revision History

  • Approved by Graduate Council, March 17, 2021. Effective date: Fall 2021 (08/16/2021).
    • New policy.
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