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GCAC-305 Admission Requirements for International Students


  1. International applicant submits a graduate application via the application portal on the Graduate School website.
    1. Prospective students with questions about eligibility may visit a website to get country-specific information.
  2. Graduate Enrollment Services (GES) reviews applications for eligibility while the graduate program begins the review process. There are three possible outcomes:
    1. The student is eligible for admission.
      1. A full review of eligibility is not conducted until the official transcripts are received.
      2. The official transcripts are not required until a program offer of admission has been accepted.
      3. Therefore, GES Admission coordinators do not make notes verifying eligibility. The indicator that GES has deemed an applicant eligible is the change of status from “POFA-Program Offer Accept” to “PEND-Pending ISSA.”
    2. The applicant is ineligible for admission.
      1. GES Admission coordinators attempt to quickly identify applicants with credentials that deem the applicant ineligible.
      2. GES Admission coordinators update the Graduate Admission Decision System status and notifies the applicant by email.
    3. The applicant’s eligibility is in question.
      1. GES Admission coordinator and/or system automation places a notation in the Graduate Admission Decision System to inform the graduate program staff that further review is required if the graduate program decides to offer admission.
      2. If the plan wants to offer admission, the graduate plan reaches out to the GES Admission coordinator to discuss what information or credentials are still required to meet eligibility.
  3. Requests for eligibility exceptions should be submitted to Graduate Enrollment Services by the graduate program through the Graduate Request Management System (GRMS). The Graduate Program Head should prepare a memo of support stating the specific rationale they would like to have considered.

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