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Program Activities

  • Series of workshops and seminars dealing with aspects of graduate life and graduate school applications, financial aid, personal statements, curriculum vitae, etc., held throughout the academic year
  • GRE preparation
  • Mentoring relationship with a caring and supportive Penn State faculty member or administrator
  • Visitations to graduate schools and graduate school fairs
  • Tutoring services and referrals
  • Use of dedicated student computer facility in the McNair Program Office
  • Access to dedicated library of resource materials for research projects, graduate school admissions and test preparation
  • Counseling and advising with McNair staff
  • Attendance at research conferences
  • Summer Research Internship under the guidance and supervison of a dedicated Penn State faculty member
  • Summer series of professional development workshops dealing with aspects of conducting, writing, presenting and publishing research and learning to navigate and network to become a contributing member of your academic community of interest.
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