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Council of College Multicultural Leadership

Stephanie Danette PrestonThe Council of College Multicultural Leadership (CCML) is comprised of the Multicultural Directors/Deans of the eleven academic colleges and the Associate Dean of the Office of Graduate Educational Equity Programs, at University Park. These individuals are primarily responsible for leading the efforts to recruit and retain a diverse student body within the colleges and the Graduate School. They assist in advising and developing their respective Strategic Diversity plans, “The Framework to Foster Diversity”.

Members of the CCML at University Park Campus

Stephanie Danette Preston |Associate Dean for Graduate Educational Equity and Chief Diversity Officer for Graduate Education
Tierra Dinkins | Associate Director for Graduate Educational Equity
The Graduate School
111 Kern Graduate Building | Phone: 814-863-1663

Patreese Ingram | Assistant Dean of Multicultural Affairs and Professor Agriculture and Extension Education
College of Agricultural Sciences
101 Agricultural Administration Building | Phone: 814-865-7521

Folayemi Wilson | Associate Dean for Access and Equity
Curt Marshall | Coordinator of Multicultural Programs
College of Arts and Architecture
124 Borland Building | Phone: 814-865-9523

Gary Abdullah | Assistant Dean of Diversity and Inclusion
College of Communications
206 Carnegie Building | Phone: 814-863-7991

Jamie Campbell | Assistant Dean of Diversity Enhancement Programs
Olivia Lewis | Director of Diversity Enhancement Programs
Smeal College of Business
Business Building | Phone: 814-865-0938

Maria Schmidt | Assistant Dean of Multicultural Programs
Brenda Martinez | Student Advocacy Specialist
College of Education
123 Chambers Building | Phone: 814-865-0904

Victoria Sanchez | Associate Dean of Educational Equity
James Guyton | Coordinator of Multicultural Affairs
College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
104 Deike Building | Phone: 814-867-2455

Tonya Peeples | Associate Dean of Equity and Inclusion and Professor of Chemical Engineering
Lauren Griggs | Director of Multicultural Engineering Programs, Assistant Teaching Professor
Erin Hostetler | Director of Student Research and Graduate Equity
Tracy R. Peterson | Director of Student Transitions and Pre-College Programs
College of Engineering
112 Hammond Building | Phone: 814-867-3019

Nicole Webster | Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
David de la Rosa | Assistant Director for Diversity and Inclusion
College of Health and Human Development
12 Henderson Building | Phone: 814-863-1291

Jocelyn Bennett-Garaway| Assistant Dean of Inclusion and Diversity Engagement
Madhavi Kari | Assistant Director of Inclusion and Diversity Engagement
College of Information Sciences and Technology
E103 Westgate Building | Phone: 814-865-7885

Earl F. Merritt | Director of Diversity and Inclusion
College of The Liberal Arts
122 Sparks Building | Phone: 814-863-2510

| Associate Dean for Equity and Inclusion and Research Professor of Nursing
Ross and Carol Nese College of Nursing
301 Nursing Sciences Building | Phone: 814-863-8215

Samia Cooperider| Assistant Director for Diversity and Inclusion
Eberly College of Science
117 Ritenour Building | Phone: 814-863-5960

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