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Intercollege Graduate Student Outreach Achievement Award

The Intercollege Graduate Student Outreach Achievement Award began in spring 2004 with a  generous donation from alumni Steven E. and Alice R. Linberg and a matching commitment from University Outreach. The purpose of the this award is to recognize outstanding achievements of degree candidates in any of the Intercollege Graduate Degree Programs (IGDPs) that relate to bringing scholarship to the community in order to benefit society in some manner. This award endeavors to encourage our future academicians to embrace outreach and promote a commitment to advancing welfare of and quality of life for the public through their scholarly pursuits.  University employees receiving educational privileges are not eligible for this University scholarship/award in accordance with Penn State policies HR36 and HR38.

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The following form is available in Adobe PDF and accessible Microsoft Word (DOC) format. The accessible Word document is designed to be used specifically with screen reader technology. Please use the PDF version of this form unless you require the use of screen reader technology.

For more information please contact the Office of Graduate Fellowships and Awards Administration.

View the full list of Intercollege Graduate Student Outreach Achievement Award recipients

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