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GCAC-206 Graduate Program Proposal Requirements

Purpose: to outline the requirements for curricular review of graduate programs and courses.

Academic Goal: to ensure and maintain the academic quality and success of Penn State graduate education, all programmatic additions, changes, and deletions must be reviewed by the Graduate Council.

Scope: all graduate programs.

Policy Statement

  1. All proposals to create new graduate programs and courses, as well as all changes to, or dropping of graduate programs and courses must be approved by the Graduate Council.


The Graduate Council Committee on Programs and Courses establishes the procedure for graduate program proposals and graduate course proposals, in conjunction with the Graduate School.


Graduate Program Proposal Requirements - Procedure


Graduate Council Program, Option, or Minor Proposal Form

Further Information

Overview of the Graduate Council Curricular Review Process

Developing Graduate Program Proposals

Graduate Course Proposal Submission

Curriculum Review and Consultation System (CRCS)

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