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Graduate Council Policies

Program Policies

  1. Graduate Program Proposal Procedures
    1. Options
  2. Integrated Undergraduate-Graduate (IUG) Degree Programs
  3. Dual-Title Graduate Degree Programs
  4. Joint Degree Programs
  5. Postbaccalaureate Credit Certificate Programs
  6. Extended and Off-Campus Graduate Degree Programs
  7. Residency and Related Policies for Off-Campus Degree Programs
  8. Concurrent Offering of Graduate and Non-graduate Courses
  9. Collaborative Graduate Education Programs with Institutions Outside the United States
  10. Graduate Course Definitions - 500- vs. 800-Level Courses

Graduate Faculty

  1. Graduate Faculty Membership


  1. Qualifications – Bachelor’s degree
  2. English Proficiency
  3. Transfer Courses
  4. Credit by Examination
  5. Classification of Students

Academic Standards

Graduate Council Scholarly and Professional Goals for All Graduate Students

  1. Grading System and Corrected Grades for Graduate Students
  2. Pass/Fail Grading
  3. Concurrent Degrees
  4. Doctoral Degree Requirements
    1. Admission
      1. Policy on Second Doctorates
    2. Satisfactory Scholarship and Minimum GPA
    3. Time Limit to Degree
    4. Transfer Credit
    5. Candidacy Examination
    6. Advisers and Doctoral Committees / Advisers and Doctoral Committees
    7. English Competence and Communication and Foreign Language Competence
    8. Doctoral Examination Requirements
      1. Comprehensive Examination
      2. Final Oral Examination
    9. Dissertation Acceptance
    10. Ph.D. -- Additional Specific Requirements
      1. Residence Requirement
      2. Continuous Registration
      3. Minor Field
      4. Dissertation
  5. Master’s Degree Requirements
    1. Grade-Point Average
    2. Time Limitation
    3. Admission
    4. Advising
    5. Transfer Credit
    6. Residency Requirements
    7. Examinations
    8. M.A. and M.S. – Additional Specific Requirements
      1. Culminating Experiences for the Research Master’s Degree
      2. Master’s Minor

Student Conduct and Performance

  1. Conduct
  2. Procedure for Resolution of Problems
  3. Procedures for Termination of the Degree Program of a Graduate Student for Unsatisfactory Scholarship
  4. Procedures for Termination of Assistantships due to Inadequate Performance
  5. Policy for Student Instructional Assistants in Graduate (500- and 800-Level Courses)
  6. Graduate Student Policy for Travel to Countries on the U.S. State Department Warnings List

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