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Committee on Graduate Student and Faculty Issues


It shall consist of six faculty members, three graduate student members of Council, and five ex officio members: the Director of the Office of Graduate Educational Equity Programs, the Assistant/Associate Dean of the Graduate School, and one representative each from the Division of Student Affairs, the University Office of Global Programs, and the Office of Student Aid.


It shall be responsible for and is authorized to select Subcommittees for the following activities:

  1. Review existing and proposed policies and make recommendations concerning the welfare and ethics of the Graduate Faculty and graduate students.
  2. Promote the intellectual development and social welfare of an inclusive graduate community by fostering an awareness and appreciation of cultural and social differences.
  3. Keep the Dean of the Graduate School apprised of issues of concern to graduate students.
  4. Assist the Dean of the Graduate School in the review of appeals concerning the violation of accepted norms of professional behavior of graduate faculty members and graduate students with authorization to review and make recommendations to the Dean when it is charged that individual rights have been violated and responsibilities unfulfilled.

2017-2018 Membership

  • Sarah Ades, Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Eberly College of Science, Chair
  • Peter Iliev, Associate Professor of Finance, Smeal College of Business
  • Clari Kelling, Graduate Student in Statistics
  • Wansheng Liu, Associate Professor of Animal Genomics, College of Agricultural Sciences
  • David Reitter, Assistant Professor of Information Sciences and Technology, College of Information Sciences and Technology
  • Michelle Rodino-Colocino, Associate Professor of Communications and Women’s Studies, Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications
  • Gonzalo Rubio, Associate Professor of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, College of the Liberal Arts
  • Alexander Wilson-Heid, Graduate Student in Materials Science and Engineering
  • Ling Yang, Graduate Student in Bioengineering

  • Suzanne Adair, Associate Dean for Graduate Student Affairs, Ex Officio
  • Stephanie Preston, Assistant Dean for Graduate Educational Equity, Ex Officio
  • Adam Christensen, Director of Research and Assessment, Student Affairs, Ex Officio
  • Robert Crane, Director for Strategic Initiatives, University Office of Global Programs, Ex Officio
  • Paul Simenson, Director, Student Aid Programs, Office of Student Aid, Ex Officio

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