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Committee on Graduate Research


It shall consist of at least seven members, one of whom shall be a graduate student. The Graduate Faculty membership shall be selected so as to include representation from the health and life sciences; the basic and applied physical sciences and engineering; the social and behavioral sciences; and the arts and humanities. The Associate Vice President for Research and the Assistant/Associate Dean of the Graduate School shall be ex officio members of this Committee.


The Committee's responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Advise the Graduate Council on policies and procedures that affect graduate research.
  2. Foster graduate research at The Pennsylvania State University by aiding the Graduate Council in recognizing and rewarding outstanding graduate research performed by faculty and students of The Pennsylvania State University.
  3. Support efforts, at all University levels, to enhance the funding of graduate research.
  4. Support efforts to attract and retain excellent graduate students.
  5. Inform and advise the Graduate Council on issues and opportunities associated with industrial-academic-related research areas, particularly as they affect graduate research and graduate study.
  6. Recommend to the Graduate Council appropriate policies or actions on emerging political, budgetary, and academic issues related to graduate research.

2017-2018 Membership

  • David Atwill, Associate Professor of History and Asian Studies, College of the Liberal Arts
  • Mara Cloutier, Graduate Student in Soil Science
  • Raghu Garud, Professor of Management and Organization, Smeal College of Business
  • Elizabeth Hughes, Assistant Professor of Special Education, College of Education
  • Kevin Luhman, Professor of Astronomy and Astrophsyics, Eberly College of Science
  • Siel Maximova, Senior Scientist and Professor of Horticulture, College of Agricultural Sciences Chair (Research)
  • George Moldovan, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, College of Medicine
  • Daniel Morgan, Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology, College of Medicine Chair (Exhibition)
  • Elizabeth Tisdell, Professor of Lifelong Learning and Adult Education, Penn State Harrisburg
  • Kathryn Salzer, Associate Professor of History, College of the Liberal Arts

  • Suzanne Adair, Associate Dean for Graduate Student Affairs, Ex Officio

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