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Covering Expenses for Graduate Fellowships—Q&A


Q. I have a Fulbright student who is receiving his/her funding directly, so there will be not any appointment in IBIS. Can the college use Grant-in-Aid (GIA) funds to cover the tuition expense?

A. Yes. A GIA can be authorized by the appropriate college budget administrator. You will need to submit your request along with the appropriate GIA budget and fund information to the Fee Assessor so the necessary tuition adjustment can be completed. If funds are received through the University and a fellowship appointment will be processed in IBIS, the GIA account should be referenced on the appointment form as the tuition source. No central approval through the Controller’s office or the Graduate School is necessary in either case.

    Q. A graduate student is receiving an outside fellowship award of $20,000. The funds will be directed to the University and an IBIS appointment will be processed. Can the college or program cover the tuition with a GIA?

    A. Yes, with approval from the Graduate School. You will need to complete a GF1 form, which is available on GURU.

    Q. My college would like to use General Funds (other than GIA) to fund a graduate fellow's tuition. Is that allowable?

    A. Possibly. Approval is required by the Graduate School and the Controller’s office. You will need to complete a GF2 form and submit it to the Graduate School for review. It will then be forwarded to the Controller for review and consideration.

    Q. A faculty member in my college is applying for a training grant. Can we subsidize graduate tuition if it is not fully covered by the award?

    A. First, you should review Guideline RAG03, Central Matching Funds Program for Research Assistantships/Traineeships. That should be the initial step for securing needed matching funds. If additional GIAs are necessary, you can complete form GF3 and submit it to the Graduate School for review.

    Q. My college would like to use non-endowed or other unrestricted funds to afford several graduate fellowship appointments for the coming academic year. Can I use GIAs to cover the tuition expense?

    A. Yes, with approval. Form GF3 is the appropriate mechanism to secure the needed authorization.

    Q. My college received an endowment that will fund graduate fellowships; however, the income will not be sufficient to fully cover the commitment. Can we use GIA monies to pay for students’ tuition?

    A. Yes, if the recipient awards will be processed through IBIS fellowship appointments. If the endowment is intended to cover an award package that includes a stipend (at a level equal to or higher than a Grade 12 half-time assistantship), tuition remission, and insurance subsidy, a GIA can be utilized for the tuition expense. The appropriate GIA budget information should be appropriately noted on the IBIS form. No approval outside the budget area is needed.

    Q. A graduate student in my college is receiving a $12,000 outside award, which will be forwarded to the University for disbursement to the recipient. Can the college use a GIA to cover his/her tuition costs?

    A.   No. The student’s external award must be equivalent to or higher than the current Grade 12, half-time assistantship stipend rate. Awards that do not meet the referenced minimum should be directed to the Student Financial Services/Bursar’s office for disbursement.

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