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GRADS Access

What is GRADS?

The Graduate Admissions Decision System (GRADS) is an enterprise-wide online system created and supported by the Graduate School that allows graduate programs to

  1. select the customizable features and settings of the Graduate School Application for Admission and/or the Postbaccalaureate/Graduate Credit Certificate Program application for their graduate program;
  2. review, preferentially sort and filter, and otherwise manage applicant digital degree and certificate application and portfolio information;
  3. create program-specific rating tools and collect, aggregate, and report application evaluations; and
  4. enter admission decisions.

Who can access GRADS

GRADS access is granted at a campus/program/degree or campus/certificate level. Access is limited to

  1. graduate program staff who are formally appointed to a support role for the program, e.g., graduate program staff assistant;
  2. graduate program heads (e.g., for some programs, the department head; for others a chair, as for Intercollege Graduate Degree Programs);
  3. Graduate Faculty who are members of the program and serve in a formal role as a program officer (e.g., Professor in Charge, PIC; Director of Graduate Studies, DGS; chair of the graduate admissions committee for the program); or a member of the graduate admissions committee for the program;
  4. program staff who may serve in a coordinating capacity for the program, such as a graduate program coordinator; and also
  5. College administrators with responsibility for graduate education in the respective college.

Access Requirements

  1. Before any student-related information access is granted, the user must successfully complete the FERPA online tutorial and pass the FERPA quiz. Information can be found on the FERPA Tutorial page of the Registrar's Web site.
  2. Users must also obtain a Second Factor Authentication Token or use DUO.

Requesting Access

To obtain access to GRADS, the Access and Security Representative (ASR) should follow these steps:

  1. Download the GRADS Access Request form.
  2. Fill out the form completely. Be sure to include the 5-byte department code (for degrees) or the college(s) (for certificates).
  3. Obtain the required signatures
  4. Scan the form and email it to or mail it to:

    Network Operations
    310 Kern Graduate Building
    University Park, PA 16802

The information will be reviewed and verified by the Graduate School Data Steward and signed and forwarded to the AIS Security office, where the access request will be processed.

If you have questions about this process, please contact

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