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Expedited Review Process for Limited Off-Campus Course Offerings

There are situations in which Penn State’s graduate degree-granting colleges or campuses (i.e., University Park, Penn State Great Valley, Penn State Harrisburg, Penn State Erie, Penn State College of Medicine) must move quickly to schedule courses off-site (i.e., either a Penn State location that is not a graduate center approved to offer a graduate degree, or a non-Penn State location). These situations may involve an invitation by a corporation to offer courses to employees at corporate headquarters or an unscheduled opportunity to offer courses at an undergraduate campus that does not offer a graduate degree.

The following process is designed to enable graduate degree-granting programs to offer up to three  existing graduate courses at a specific off-site location for specific semesters, while bypassing the full procedure of review by the Graduate Council Committee on Programs and Courses. This process is not a substitute for proposals involving more than three courses, new courses, or degree program delivery.


  1. No more than a total of three existing courses per graduate degree program may be submitted for approval by this expedited process. Requests for more than three existing courses must be submitted to the Graduate Council Committee on Programs and Courses.
  2. The courses to be delivered off campus must be previously approved, existing courses.
  3. The faculty members teaching the specified courses are members of the graduate faculty or have been preapproved to teach the courses by the Dean of the Graduate School.
  4. If courses at a specific location are successful and the campus/college decides to seek approval for additional offerings, existing procedures for proposing off-site graduate degree programs must be followed.
  5. Whether the courses offered would be accepted as graduate-level courses applicable toward a Penn State graduate degree would depend upon the criteria of the graduate program as defined by the graduate degree program and approved by Graduate Council.
  6. Registrants in these courses must have been admitted to the Graduate School as nondegree graduate students or as degree-seeking graduate students.



  1. The graduate degree-granting campus completes the "Expedited Review Process for Limited Off-Campus Course Offerings" form (PDF). The following information must be provided on the form:
    • delivery location;
    • course(s) to be offered;
    • faculty members scheduled to teach each course;
    • a statement documenting the availability of library, technology, and other required resources;
    • the intended students;
    • a timeline for course offerings (specify the semester[s] to be offered off-campus); and
    • in the case of courses offered off-campus as part of a postbaccalaureate/graduate credit certificate program, a statement indicating how current and prospective students will be informed that taking these courses does not constitute acceptance into, or the delivery of, a degree program.
  2. The graduate degree-granting campus shares the Expedited Review form with all relevant curricular groups at the campus/college (e.g., college curricular affairs committees, executive councils, etc.).
  3. Signatures of the department/division head and college/school dean or appropriate administrator are obtained.
  4. The signed form is submitted to the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School.
  5. The signed form is reviewed by the chair of the Committee on Programs and Courses and the Dean of the Graduate School/designee. Within ten days of submission, the proposing campus will receive a response.

Form to request Expedited Review Process for Limited Off-Campus Course Offerings (PDF)


Approved by Graduate Council, February 2000

Revised by Graduate Council, September 2013

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