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Information for Visual Arts Judges

  • Judges are randomly assigned. Therefore, it is likely that judges will be evaluating presentations that are not in their areas of expertise.
  • The graduate students know that the judges are randomly chosen.
  • The work is hung in the HUB by the gallery staff but students are informed that they will have the opportunity to consult with the staff. Students are also informed that they should notify the judges if they would have preferred their work in a different setting.
  • Because space is limited in the Gallery, visual artists may wait in the area outside of the Gallery for judges to arrive. A faculty member for Visual Arts will be supervising this section. Please check in with Richard St. Clair upon arriving at the Gallery to view the exhibits.
  • Each artist has prepared a short written statement on his/her creative research to be included with the program. Each artist is also prepared to give a short oral overview (no more than five minutes) of his/her work.
  • During or immediately after visiting each artist, judges should jot down notes about the strengths and weaknesses of the presentation, paying careful attention to the judging criteria. After completing visits with all the artists, judges will decide on the final scores.
  • Judges should give equal time to all of the artists. After completing judging, judges should feel free to revisit any artist.

Criteria for Judging the Visual Arts Exhibits

Feedback to Students

Students will not receive any feedback unless provided by the judges. Please take a few minutes to write constructive suggestions and assessments to the students you judge. Please do not compare notes with other judges until after you have turned in your score sheets. We will collect the feedback sheets and distribute them to the exhibitors at a later date.

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