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Judging a Video

  • Judges have been randomly assigned to judge in the Video option of the Graduate Exhibition. Therefore, it is likely that judges will be evaluating presentations that are not in their areas of expertise.
  • The graduate students know that the judges are randomly chosen.
  • Judging will take place prior to the Graduate Exhibition.  The winners will be announced at the Award Ceremony.

Judging Criteria for the Video Option:

  1. Content (40 pts):
    • Purpose of Research (10 pts.) - The ‘What’
    • Background, current state of knowledge (10 pts.) - The ‘What’
    • How research is/will be done (10 pts.) - The ‘How’
    • Potential Impact of Research (10 pts.) - The ‘Why
  1. Effectiveness (30 pts) - successful communication
    •  Information is accessible to broad audience (10 pts.)
    •  Key concepts are clearly communicated (10 pts.)
    •  Innovative and creative use of video format (10 pts.)
  1. Quality (30 pts.)
    • Time constraints met and effectively used (10 pts.)
    • Visuals are clear, effective, and appropriate for topic (10 pts.)
    • Text, music, narration clear and appropriate for video (10 pts.)

Technical Specifications of the submitted videos include:

  1. Total Length of 2:00 minutes (content) plus up to 0:30 seconds of acknowledgments.
  2. Available via a personal YouTube channel - link provided to the Graduate Exhibition
  3. High Quality (original) version, provided to Graduate School should be (minimally) at 720p resolution
  4. Video must include a close-captioned narrative


Judges should utilize the scoring range for each of the artists, as they would in academic testing, and avoid "grade inflation" or assigning similar scores to all the artists. A successful exhibitor should receive a score of 85; a truly outstanding exhibitor should be ranked in the 90s.

Feedback to Students

After handing in final scores, judges are also asked to provide at least one comment on both the strengths and weaknesses of the exhibit and presentation. These written comments will be extremely useful to the student.

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