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Visual Arts Guidelines

Visual Arts Exhibit Guidelines

The Visual Arts Exhibition is designed for those graduate students for whom creating studio work is a required part of their graduate degree program. All current candidates in the studio program Master of Fine Arts, for whom a studio component is a part of their required research, are eligible to submit work.

Exhibit Guidelines

The purpose of the Visual Arts Exhibition is to convey to a wide audience the range and significance of creative research produced in the field of visual arts and its potential significance to the general public.

Judging of the exhibits took place on Sunday, March 25, between 1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. and participants were expected to be present at their work during this time. Judges were assigned at random; therefore, students knew to expect that their entries were likely to be reviewed by judges from fields of study other than their own.

Creative research will be judged in three areas:

  1. Content (40 points)
    -significance of the ideas, issues, and/or objectives as creative research in the visual arts
    -relevance of the artwork to contemporary art and visual culture

  2. Presentation (30 points)
    -quality of the technical execution of the artwork
    -attention to how the artwork is displayed

  3. Oral Presentation (30 points)
    -presenter's ability to orally communicate the concepts of the artwork
    -presenter's knowledge of the art discipline in which the artwork participates


Those individuals whose works and presentations are judged best will receive monetary awards of $100 to $500.

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