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Video Guidelines

The Video Option represents a new opportunity to communicate your scholarly research - in addition to the existing Performance (Music and Theatre), Visual Arts (Gallery Show), and Research Posters. These videos should be short presentations (2 minutes or less of content, plus up to 30 seconds of acknowledgments) that capture the excitement, importance, and value of your scholarly work. They will be judged using criteria appropriate to the video format and goals of this Research Exhibition option. Specific judging criteria are provided below.

Videos should be produced for presentation on a YouTube Channel.  Students will also be asked to submit high quality versions of their videos to the Graduate School for archival purposes and for possible use by Penn State units (with permission).

Since the videos will be publicly available through a YouTube channel, they must adhere to common practices of copyright and intellectual property rights. Additionally all videos should include closed captioning.

Penn State Media Commons will provide assistance with producing these videos, and will conduct a workshop to familiarize students with facilities available to support the generation of the videos. Attendance at the Media Commons workshop is mandatory for Video Option participants.

Judging Criteria for the Video Option:

  1. Content (40 pts):
    • Purpose of Research (10 pts.) – The “What?”
    • Background, current state of knowledge (10 pts.) – The “What?”
    • How research is/will be done (10 pts.) – The “How?”
    • Potential Impact of Research (10 pts.) – The “Why?”
  2. Effectiveness (30 pts) - successful communication
    •  Information is accessible to a broad audience (10 pts.)
    •  Key concepts are clearly communicated (10 pts.)
    •  Innovative and creative use of video format (10 pts.)
  3. Quality (30 pts.)
    • Time constraints are met and effectively used (10 pts.)
    • Visuals are clear, effective, and appropriate for topic (10 pts.)
    • Text, music, narration is clear and appropriate for video (10 pts.)

Technical Specifications of the Submitted Videos:

  1. Total length of 2:00 minutes (content) plus up to 0:30 seconds of acknowledgments.
  2. Available via a personal YouTube channel - link provided to the Graduate Exhibition
  3. High quality (original) version provided to the Graduate School should be (minimally) at 720p resolution
  4. Video must include a close-captioned narrative

Examples of Similar Research Videos:

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