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Performance Guidelines

Performance Guidelines

A maximum of 10 performances can be accommodated, to be determined on a first-come, first-served basis. A 250-word abstract or description, to be entered as part of the online registration process, must accompany each performance. The abstract will be made available to the judges before the performance, and will function during the performance as program notes for both judges and audience. The following points should be covered:

  • the composer or author and title of the work(s) to be performed
  • why the work(s) were chosen
  • the challenges to the performer(s) in presenting them.

The total performance time may not exceed 10 minutes, students can perform one or more complete works, or excerpts from one or more works.  (No more than five minutes will be available between performances for stage preparation). A piano, music stand(s), and chair(s) can be supplied; performers are required to provide their own accompanists, other instruments, props, etc. Performers will be expected to introduce their work in clear, comprehensible terms to people outside their fields. To accomplish this, participants will have two minutes to speak to the audience.

Students can perform as soloists or in ensembles (a limit of five persons is recommended); participants in a winning performance with multiple artists must split the prize money.

A panel of judges will judge all of the ten entries in order to standardize scores. Judges will be drawn from a variety of disciplines; therefore, students should expect that their entries are likely to be reviewed by judges from fields of study other than their own. The judges will evaluate the performances on Artistry (40 points), Technique (30 points), and Engagement with the Audience (30 points).

The performances will be open to the public, and winners will be announced following the performance.


Those individuals whose performances are judged best will receive monetary awards of $100 to $500.

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