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Frequently Asked Questions

General Exhibition Questions

  • When does registration open for the Graduate Exhibition?  
    Registration closed on Friday, March 1, 2019
  • Who can register for the Graduate Exhibition?
    All graduate degree seeking students may take part in the Graduate Exhibition.
  • Can graduate students who are considered to be employed by Penn State take part in the Exhibition?
    University employees receiving educational privileges are not eligible for this University award in accordance with Penn State policies HR36.
  • What should the length and format be for my abstract?
    Abstracts are limited to a maximum of 250 words. Please leave a blank line between paragraphs to ensure that your abstract displays correctly. Avoid using special symbols that may not display correctly on other types of computers. Formatting code such as HTML is not permitted.
  • What should the length and format be for my statement of importance?
    Statements of importance are limited to a maximum of 120 words. Please leave a blank line between paragraphs to ensure that your statement of importance displays correctly. Avoid using special symbols that may not display correctly on other types of computers. Formatting code such as HTML is not permitted.


  • Can I participate in more than one Exhibition musical performance?
    You may participate in another student’s Exhibition performance as an additional member, but you are not permitted to have two solo performances.

Posters and Printing

  • What are the size requirements for a poster?
    The image size should not exceed a width of 35 inches and a length of 47 inches.  Posters will be printed using the Arch E standard for paper size. The plotters require half an inch of free space due to the print carriage’s limited range and movement. Any image larger than 35 inches in width x 47 inches in length will simply not fit appropriately on the provided media.  
  • Is there information available for successfully creating and printing a poster?
    Download step-by-step instructions for successful printing.
  • Are there any resources available if I would like guidance on designing my poster or improving presentation techniques?
    Information sessions are held every year. The sessions are recorded and are available for students at a distance or unable to attend. 
    • General Information and Poster Session
      Wednesday, February 6, 2019 in E102 Foster Auditorium, Paterno Library
      This session will provide an overview of the Graduate Exhibition and cover options for presentation.  This session will focus on the mechanics of creating a research poster and design, including organization, proper formatting, and tips for presentation.
    • Video Production Workshop Students who plan to participate in the video option of the Exhibition are required to watch this video production recorded webinar, which will cover video formatting and presenting content for video. Students participating in the video option will be automatically registered for this session upon completion of the Graduate Exhibition registration.
  • How to I take advantage of the free poster printing?
    Once your registration has been approved by your adviser you will receive an email with poster printing instructions.
  • How will posters be affixed to the poster boards?
    The most common way to affix posters is through the use of tacks. However, tacks will not be provided, so exhibitors should remember to bring their own. Exhibitors are expected to provide all items needed to display their poster.
  • If there are multiple students involved in one poster, who should give the five-minute presentation to the judges?
    It is customary for one student to give the five-minute presentation to the judges. However, all students involved in a project are encouraged to participate. 
  • Does the research presented need to be completed prior to the exhibition?
    No. Students are encouraged to present research at all stages of completion throughout their tenure at Penn State
  • What if I need a computer or additional technology for my poster?
    Upon request, students can arrange for electrical access in order to use a variety of supporting materials for their poster. Exhibitors must provide any computer, audio-visual equipment, etc. as needed for their poster presentation. Please make sure to fill out the appropriate information when submitting your abstract.


  • Do all judges approach exhibitors at the same time?
    No. Judges are asked to visit each exhibitor individually to ensure that one judge's opinions do not bias that of the other judges. Additionally, this gives the student an opportunity to interact with each judge on a one-on-one basis.
  • When will judges visit my poster/design/visual arts entry?
    Exhibitors should be prepared to be present by their research throughout the Exhibition. Judging is scheduled to take place between 1:00-4:00 p.m.
  • Will judges be experts in the exhibitor’s field?
    The Graduate Exhibition is aimed at providing an opportunity for the community to learn about ongoing research at the university. It is, therefore, important for exhibitors to present their work so that a general audience will understand. In an effort to support this environment, students will be judged by judges that are assigned randomly, from a variety of disciplines.
  • Will students receive feedback from judges?
    Yes. Students will receive their evaluation sheets from each judge. The evaluation sheets will be mailed to each College for distribution after the conclusion of the Exhibition.  

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