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Withdrawal Process

The Withdrawal Process for Graduate Students

The process of a withdrawal is defined as dropping all registered courses for the current semester or session. Officially withdrawing from the University will also cause a cancellation of scheduled and registered courses for any future semester. In the case of a “summer-only” withdrawal, fall registration will be maintained and re-enrollment/readmission is not necessary.

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When a Student May Withdraw

A withdrawal may be processed beginning with the first day of classes and through the last day of classes (before the final exam period begins). If the semester has not begun and you have decided that you will not be attending the University, you should cancel your registration. If the final exam period has begun, you will need to initiate a retroactive withdrawal request (See the bottom of this page.)

What to Consider Before Initiating the Withdrawal Process

A withdrawal will delay normal degree progress, may affect academic programming and may have financial implications for students with loans or receiving assistantships, etc. Therefore, it is suggested that a degree-seeking student contact his/her academic program of study to discuss alternatives to withdrawing before proceeding.

Indicating “Spring”, “Fall” or “Summer” as the effective semester on the withdrawal form will result in the student’s status changing to nondegree status (regardless of whether that student was attending as a degree student or a nondegree student) for the following and future semesters. To return to degree status, a student who withdraws must seek readmission to the graduate degree program by submitting an application to Resume Study/Change of Graduate Degree or Major.

Indicating “Summer-only” as the effective semester on the withdrawal form will retain all courses a student has scheduled or registered for the upcoming fall semester. Readmission is not required following a “summer-only” withdrawal.

Ph.D. candidates who have passed the comprehensive examination must register continuously for each fall and spring semester (beginning with the first semester after passing the comprehensive examination and ending with the passing of the final oral defense) in order to comply with the Graduate School policy of continuous registration.

How to Withdraw

Graduate students must initiate a withdrawal by submitting a Withdrawal Form.

Retroactive Withdrawal Requests

If the final exam period for the current semester has begun, or if you are seeking to withdraw from a previous semester, you will need to initiate a retroactive withdrawal request. Follow the appropriate instructions below to do so.

The Office of Graduate Enrollment Services
114 Kern Building
University Park, PA 16802

Additional information regarding the withdrawal process may be obtained via the Registrar's website.

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