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Graduate School Teaching Certificate

Penn State graduate students wanting recognition of their commitment to college teaching may earn the Graduate School Teaching Certificate. The Graduate School Teaching Certificate was developed to provide graduate students with an avenue to enhance their teaching skills. The certificate is self-directed and available to all Penn State graduate students who fulfill the following requirements:

  • Attend the Schreyer Institute New Instructor Orientation or an equivalent teaching orientation that includes lesson planning, teaching methods, and strategies to encourage student participation.
  • Complete one semester of SUBJ 602 Supervised Experience in College Teaching in the student's program under the direction of a mentor. A grade of B or higher is required.
  • Complete the Schreyer Institute Penn State Course in College Teaching or HI ED 546 College Teaching.*
  • Complete an additional semester of SUBJ 602, to include either a block of lectures prepared and presented by the student, or total responsibility for a lab or recitation section. A grade of B or higher is required.
  • Develop a website that includes a statement of teaching philosophy and demonstration of the ability to develop a PowerPoint presentation. Assistance with this project may be obtained through the Information Technology Services training website. These free courses are not required for the Teaching Certificate, but are available if needed.

*It is recommended that the Schreyer Institute Penn State Course in College Teaching precede the second semester of SUBJ 602.

In order for the certificate to be issued, graduate students should provide the completed teaching certificate checklist as well as all materials supporting the completion of the requirements (e.g., Schreyer Institute certificate, transcripts, etc.) to the program chair or department head. The program chair/department head, in consultation with the student’s advisor, must verify completion of the requirements and the checklist in a letter on department letterhead.

Graduate students should then submit the letter from the program chair/department head and the completed checklist electronically to the Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Dean of the Graduate School. Supporting materials verifying the completion of checklist requirements need not be submitted.

Notice of completion of the Graduate School Teaching Certificate will not appear on the graduate student’s transcript.

Graduate students wanting recognition of their commitment to college teaching are encouraged to speak to their advisers about this opportunity. Questions about the program should be directed to Please note that this is not a teacher certification program.

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