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Graduate Credits

  • Course Numbering System
  • Schedule of Courses
  • Visiting and Auditing Classes

Credit Loads and Academic Status

  • Graduate Assistants
  • Full-Time Academic Status
  • Part-Time Academic Status
  • Credit Loads for International Students
  • Employment
  • Full-Time Employment Off Campus
  • Staff Employee Credit Status


Grading System

  • Corrected Grades for Graduate Student


  1. Conduct
  2. Procedures for Resolution of Problems (Grades and Grading, Academic Integrity, Classroom Situations, Other Situations)
  3. Procedures for Termination of the Degree Program of a Graduate Student for Unsatisfactory Scholarship
  4. Procedures for Termination of Assistantships due to Inadequate Performance
  5. Residency Classifications for Tuition Purposes

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