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Welcome to The Alumni Newsletter

Welcome to The Alumni Newsletter

On behalf of the Graduate School Alumni Society (GSAS), I’d like to take this opportunity to not only introduce myself but the GSAS. My name is Krishna C. Nadella, and I am the President of the GSAS, a constituent society of the Penn State Alumni Association. Our mission is to nurture relationships between graduate students of The Pennsylvania State University and its alumni, both nationally and internationally; enhance the complete graduate experience; advance graduate education and research; and increase graduate alumni membership in the Penn State Alumni Association.

As one of the larger alumni boards at Penn State, we are represented by every college and campus that offers graduate education. This offers us a unique opportunity to have an incredible reach with regards to improving the graduate student experience, increasing our alumni engagement and supporting the strategic priorities of Dr. Regina Vasilatos-Younken, Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Dean of the Graduate School.

Although we are large in size, we are somewhat new in formation. Created by former Penn State President Rodney Erickson during his time as Dean of the Graduate School, the GSAS still has much work to do with regards to increasing our presence not just on campus but within the Penn State community at-large. I am very excited about the efforts we have in place to work with the Graduate and Professional Student Association, Office of Global Programs, Penn State Alumni Association and of course, the Graduate School and the respective colleges. We want students, faculty, administration and alumni to know that we are here as a resource and are here to help support Graduate Education at Penn State.

As I enter the second half of the first year of my presidency, I am very excited by what the future has in store. I am so proud to work alongside my fellow Board members. These are some of the most dedicated people I have had the chance to interact with, and I can assure you that their passion is infectious. Should you be interested in interacting with the GSAS or even looking to learn more about how to get involved, please do not hesitate to contact James Caltagirone, director of Alumni and External Relations for the Graduate School, at or 814-863-8117.

I look forward to interacting with all of you over the next three years. Graduate Education is so incredibly important to Penn State’s present and, more importantly, its future. Students, faculty, administration and alumni are part of an amazing community. We are Research, Innovation and Discovery. We are the past, the present and the future. Most importantly, We Are…Penn State!

For the Glory,

Krishna C. Nadella, Smeal MBA ’04

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