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Workshops For Career Success

Real Life Skills To Get Ahead In Today's Job Market

The Penn State Graduate School Alumni Society is planning to sponsor a series of workshops for graduate students who are interested in sharpening professional skills vital for succees in our global society. These sessions, led by Penn State Graduate School alumni, will cover topics that are not typically emphasized in the classroom. Following are descriptions of past workshops:


"Let's Talk Face to Face," by Dr. Robert J. Booz, focused on how to successfully interact with others through “face-to-face” communication.

"Landing that Academic Job: The Art of Giving a Job Talk," by Dr. Stephanie T. Lanza, offered tips that could provide a competitive edge in the job market.

"Evaluating and Negotiating Salary and Benefits in Your First Job after Graduate School,"  by Dr. F. Alan Andersen, reviewed major points for consideration during employment negotiations.

"Networking with Practitioners: Kicking Butt and Taking Business Cards," by Dr. Jonathan U. Dougherty, explored ways to drive the conversation, network at a business function, and leave a favorable impression.

"Employment, Contract and Other Legal Principles of Interest to Graduate Students," by John J. Miravich, Esq., focused on employment issues, employee status versus independent contractor status, restrictive covenants, and work for hire concepts, as well as basic contract principles that apply to employment, leases and all other contracts.

"Resilience and Thriving Amidst Change in the Workplace," by Tommy C. Hogan, explored the concepts of change, resiliency, and thriving in relation to success and longevity in the workplace.

"Work Life Balance," by Dr. Eric J. Minford, addressed how to establish a balance between career and other interests.

"Professional Etiquette," by Kerry L. Golden, provided tips on how to leave a positive and lasting impression on people in professional settings.

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