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Graduate School Alumni Society Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Graduate School Alumni Society (GSAS) Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes Graduate School alumni who have achieved exceptional success in their profession, and have demonstrated loyalty to the University and Alumni Association.


Recipient of the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award

Previous Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients


Conrado M. Gempesaw, II, Ph.D. '85, Agricultural Economics


Timothy B. Gage, M.A. '74, Ph.D. '82, Anthropology and M.S. '79, Ecology


Charles Figley, M.S. '71, Health and Human Development, and Ph.D. '74, Health and Human Development


Lester C. Griel, Jr., V.M.D., M.S. '69, Dairy Science


Geoffrey C. Godbey, Ph.D. '72, Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management; and John R. McWhirter, Ph.D. '62, Chemical Engineering


Elizabeth J. Susman, Ph.D. '76, Human Development and Family Studies


Louis F. Geschwindner, Ph.D. ’77, Civil Engineering

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